Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Belle Fleur Candles

We have been talking a lot lately about environmental scenting. Good - bad - indifferent. But I am a big fan of scenting my home and am always trying new products. I am on the hunt for that perfect fresh, clean floral scent with no chemically undertone.
The elegant Fifth Avenue Florist Belle Fleure may have the answer. It now offers sumptuous candles for the home. They combine rare botanicals with delicate florals to produce long-lasting (approx. 45 hours) fragrances. The Exotic Garden collection features 4 scents: Mayan tuberose, orange blossom pomegranate, jasmine verbena, and white orchid tea. Priced at $48, think about it as $1/hour of delicious fragrance!

image: Belle Fleure


eyesofsunshine said...

They are also beautifully packaged. I quite enjoy the scent diffuser from AVEDA myself. http://www.aveda.com/templates/products/product_search.tmpl?KEYWORDS=diffuser
Make a visit and check out the scents, you are sure to find something wonderful.

christine said...

Thanks fork the tip! I'll check it out.