Monday, February 05, 2007

Better-Know-A-Nose: Stéphanie de Saint Aignan and Céline Ellena

In a recent posting (here), we talked about the 2007 fragrance collection of designer Stéphanie de Saint Aignan. Osmoz features a terrific interview with de Saint Aignan in its series on "up and coming fragrance designers."

...I wanted to design fragrances that have something to say, ones whose goal isn't to go mass market, but exclusive distribution. Fragrances for aesthetes, people who stand out in a crowd, those rare people who don't wear a brand, but a fragrance they maintain a relationship with. (Read the rest of the Osmoz interview

The Osmoz series also interviews perfumer Céline Ellena, of The Different Company. When asked about her influences as a designer, she replies,
I would say there's a bit of a joyful mess that I dip into depending on my mood! I don't have one particular reference, nor school of thought. On the other hand, I profess boundless love for human beings. I'm quite curious, and probably a bit of a voyeur, too... (Read the rest of the interview here).

To read my review of The Different Company, please see this posting.

I find the "noses" behind the fragrances as interesting as the fragrances themselves. The motivation and creative inspiration for each scent is a story unto itself. Just knowing a bit about the person behind the fragrance makes wearing the scent an even richer experience.
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