Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fragrance Launch: Theo Fennell Scent

Theo Fennell Scent
"It's a proper, old-fashioned heavy scent, redolent of evenings of gorgeousness, luxury, decadence and naughtiness," said Fennell. (from

These are the words used by jewelry designer Theo Fennell to describe his debut fragrance, Theo Fennell Scent, which launched in London this month.

Blended by Christophe Laudamiel of International Flavors & Fragrances, its chypre oriental juice comprises top notes of saffron, cardamom, lily, rose and orchid. At its heart are jasmine sambac, orange flower, cumin and cinnamon notes, while base notes include patchouli, tonka bean, labdanum, sandalwood and benzoin.

...For Scent's bottle, Fennell, who also designs silverware, plumbed for a heavy glass orb featuring a seal with the brand's logo. "It is designed to be very simple and very elegant on a woman's dressing table or wherever she performs her ablutions," said Fennell. "It's sophisticated, bold and sexy."

Scent initially will be available exclusively at Fennell's London flagship and Harrods department store for six months. It will then be released internationally.

Price: 75ml eau de parfum spray: £68 ($134 at current exchange rates).
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katiedid said...

I'm strangely disappointed (just a little, though) that "fennel" is not one of the notes ;P

But if Laudamiel is behind it, it's probably pretty interesting (or unusual) without that, though.

christine said...

Hi Katie,

LOL! Perhaps fennel is one of the undisclosed ingredients. I hope so!


MarkDavid said...

This sounds really great and I love that bottle. I wonder if and when this will come state-side.


christine said...

Hi MD,

I'm not sure when it is to be launched in the states -- hopefully the wait will not be long!


Anonymous said...

Well my auntie gerry was just amazed by this scent. it lingered for four days on her clothes. She cant wait to purchase a bottle.