Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chanel No. 19: Quest for the Eau de Parfum Continues

Chanel No 19 Eau de Parfum
In a previous post, there was a question regarding the availability of Chanel No. 19 eau de parfum. I have received a letter from Chanel-USA's customer relations department, as follows:

Dear Christine,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding CHANEL N°19, that was Mademoiselle
Chanel's personal perfume and named to celebrate her August 19 birthday.
Like its creator, Nº19 is forever young, intensely feminine,
contemporary and supremely spirited.

CHANEL N°19 Eau de Parfum is discontinued (emphasis added). I searched all CHANEL
Boutiques in the US and was unable to locate any remaining inventory of
that item....

CHANEL Nº19 can be enjoyed the following forms:

-- CHANEL Nº19 Eau de Toilette Spray ....

-- CHANEL Nº19 Body Lotion ....

Thank you for your interest in CHANEL.

Best regards,
Consumer Relations

I had written my query to CHANEL-France, and my letter was forwarded to the American office. Thus, the answer is still incomplete. We know that in the United States, eau de toilette is the only form in which our beautiful Chanel No 19 is available. HOWEVER, I still have questions as to the availability of the eau de parfum (and parfum) in France. If any of you can shed light on this mystery, please drop me a line! Together, we can figure this out!

Chanel No. 19 parfum
images source: french


Anonymous said...

don't if this could help.... but here in Amsterdam the eau de parfum is still available, pretty much everywhere....
Maybe it is discontinued just in the Us...

G x

Jenny said...

Hi Christine,
I was studying abroad in France a year ago and the No. 19 EdP and perfume seemed to be fairly widely available, as of fall of last year. No. 22 was not, and I was really surprised to see bottles of the EdT when I came back (having discovered perfume during my stint there). I saw them at the Printemps and bought a bottle of the EdP at Sephora. Now, I don't know if that's still the case, although I could try to ask someone if they've spotted them there. Sephora in France doesn't list Chanel on their site, although they carry them. I can't seem to get the Chanel site to work at all.

Perhaps write one could write them in French and one could pretend not to be American? Like pretend that we live in rural France, far away from a Sephora? : ) I can volunteer in a week or so once my finals or done. Also, at some point I could try to help out with swapping decants (although I'm too swamped right now with school!).

Jenny said...

Hi again, the French site is working now and they list a full range of concentrations and different sizes/packaging, so it seems to be in full production. Thank goodness for French perfume consumers!

christine said...

Hi G x,

Thank you for letting me know this -- there is hope after all!


christine said...

Hi Jenny,

Excellent detective work! I am heartened to know that it is still in production.

How great that you were able to study in France for a year. I'm very jealous!

Thanks for writing!


Madelyn said...

Thank You so much for answering my personal request - for Chanel Nnnnnnno. 19.
I guess Europe or in particular France is the way to go !
It is so nice that your readers were kind enough to find answers !
I love the look of the Chanel Nnnn0. 19 and also the Parfum!

christine said...

Hi Madelyn,

Yes, we do what we must! C'est la vie! :)


Julia said...

Hi Christine!

Chanel no 19 EDP is still avaliable in most high end perfume stores in Sweden. Held a bottle in my hands yesterday when I was sniffing around for nothing in particular:)

Feel free to contact me if you really want a bottle and maybe we can work something out. We parfumistas should help each other in such matters.

Have a nice day

Julia said...

you can contact me at

031478850 at bredband dotnet

christine said...

Hi Julia,

Thank you so MUCH for your kind offer! I am determined to finish my edt before purchasing the edp, so it may be awhile before I am ready to buy it. But I really appreciate your nice gesture and I agree wholeheartedly that we parfumistas must stick together and lend a helping hand whenever possible!

Thanks for writing!


Anonymous said...

It seems like the parfum has been pulled off the market here in Sweden. Currently we have EdT and EdP.

I suspect this might be due to reformulations. I have a bottle of parfum which is deeply golden, while the parfum you can see on the French Chanel site is a much paler greenish yellow.

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